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Amazon RDS – The next move to Cloud

one comment, started in 1994 is one of the greatest example of diversification of an e-commerce player. Started out as an online book store has diversified it self to an online e-commerce website, the Kindle, even door to door grocery delivery service with AmazonFresh and now of the biggest player in the Cloud Computing business!!

So, the Amazon’s cloud with Amazon Web services is expanding even more with the Amazon Relational Database Service. If you are wondering what is AWS? Check these out: Link1, Link2

Amazon Web Services offers loads of remote computing services which cab be used by anyone ranging from a SME, a big firm, a small blog etc.

So, what is this Amazon RDS? Well, to put it in simple words, its just a MySQL 5.1 database hosted on Amazon servers. You do not need to worry about the setup, maintenance and security issues, Amazon will do all that for you!

RDS in the words of Mr Werner Vogles, CTO [BLOG]

Amazon RDS for when the application requires a relational database but you want to reduce the time you spend on database management, Amazon RDS automates common administrative tasks to reduce your complexity and total cost of ownership. Amazon RDS allows you to manage your database compute and storage resources with a simple API call, and only pay for the infrastructure resources they actually consume.

There are few major players competing against Amazon like IBM  BlueCloud, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace Mosso to name a few. This is also considered as a boost for MySQL cloud computing solutions.

The Oracle and Amazon love story will be interesting, let see what this relationship holds for us in the future of Cloud.

What do you guys think about the Cloud, Amazon-Oracle tie-up and what is Google and MSFT going to do about it?!

Amazon Relational Database ServiceA

Written by Utkarsh

November 10th, 2009 at 5:32 am

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